Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Porta Potties on the course?2017-11-10T04:47:56+00:00

We have several porta potties stations at the start/finish line and one additional porta potty located at Murrell Aid station. Murrell aid station is almost exactly half way between the start/finish and the furthest point of the loop.

Why are headphones discouraged?2017-11-05T20:32:47+00:00

We are big music fans. But, when we put on the Rockledge Rumble Trail Run, we are not the only people on the trails. The northshore trails remain open to anyone that might want to run, hike or bike on those trails. For your safety, it is important that you hear other people coming up behind you.


What will be available at aid stations?2017-09-30T22:32:04+00:00

The aid stations will have all of the basics and more. Drinks will include water, Tailwind Endurance drink and sodas. Foods will include: bananas, oranges, salted potatoes, Oreos, M & M’s, gummy bears, potato chips, pretzels, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and more! We have fun adding other foods based on what we find in the store or what we believe people will want and need based on the temperatures.

Remember–this is a cupless race. Our amazing volunteers will fill and refill your hydration system.

How will the course be marked?2017-09-30T22:32:55+00:00

We will mark the course with marking tape, usually tied onto tree branches, and flags. Signs with arrows are also used wherever necessary.

May I run with my dog?2017-09-30T22:33:47+00:00

According to our permit, runners cannot bring their dogs to run with them on the trails or stay with them at the start/finish for the Rockledge Rumble Trail Run.

How many aid stations are there?2017-09-30T22:34:14+00:00

If you are running the 15K, there is one aid station in exactly the half way point of your race. If you are running the 30K, you will have three aid stations. If you are running the 50K, you will have five aid stations. More detailed information can be found on our page titled “Aid Stations.”

Can I have a drop bag?2018-04-15T16:15:58+00:00

Anyone running the 50K will be able to keep a drop bag at the Jackson Pavilion aid station which is located close to the start/finish. Be sure to review the aid station information carefully.

Will my race be based on gun time or chip time?2017-09-30T22:35:36+00:00

Your start time will be based on gun time. Chips are worn to help track splits, finish times, and to track runners on the course.

Where will race results be posted?2017-09-30T22:36:00+00:00

Our timing company will have tablets set up at the start/finish with times posted. We also try to share the link to the race results on Facebook ahead of time for your convenience.

Can I exchange my shirt for a different size?2017-09-30T22:36:33+00:00

We definitely want you to have a shirt that you can wear. Shirts are ordered based on the sizes given during registration. If you would like to exchange for a different size, bring your clean shirt to the start/finish area after your race. We will exchange whenever possible after shirts have been distributed to all participants and volunteers.

Can I transfer my registration?2018-05-07T03:37:18+00:00

We understand that things come up and that’s why we have a flexible refund policy. (Read refund policy.) However, because Rockledge generally sells out and has a wait list, we no longer allow transfers between friends or family. This is out of fairness to those who are on the wait list. If you have a friend that is interested in running and we have sold out, please encourage them to visit the website and follow the directions to get on our list.

We do not allow deferrals to our other race (Grasslands Trail Run) or to another year. Our costs for the race are sunk and do not transfer to another event.

We will not allow refunds or transfers in the last week before the race. This allows us to focus on the race course and other important race details that are necessary to put on the best race possible for all runners. We will not reply to refund or transfer requests after November 3. No exceptions.

I registered for the race but now I can’t run. Can I get a refund?2018-05-07T03:30:24+00:00

You can request a refund by sending an email to info@rockledgerumble.com.

  • Through September 1: You will be granted a refund, minus $10 and your transaction fee.
  • Through October 1: You will be granted a refund, minus $20 and your transaction fee.
  • After October 1 and through November 3, you will only be granted a refund, minus $25 and your transaction fee, ONLY if we have someone on the wait list for your distance.

Note—we do not give refunds or transfers in the last week of the race. This allows us to focus on the race course and creating the best possible event for all runners. If you contact us, we will not respond and the refund/transfer will not be allowed. No exceptions.

I have already registered. Can I change to a different distance?2018-05-07T03:12:50+00:00

We will allow you to change to a different distance is we have an opening in that distance. If that race is full, we can put you on a wait list to change to the new distance.

If you move to a longer distance, you will need to pay the difference in registration fees. If you move to a shorter distance, you will not be refunded the difference.

What happens if we have rain (or snow)?2017-09-30T22:38:23+00:00

We still run. Positive attitudes are required!

If the weather risks the safety of our participants or volunteers, the race director will make the appropriate decision to keep both runners and volunteers safe. If the race must be canceled due to unforeseen events, no refunds will be given because all costs will already be incurred. This is clearly something that no one wants and the Rockledge Rumble has never been canceled in the 20+ year history of the race. We would like to keep that track record going.

What do you mean by “cupless” race?2017-09-30T22:38:42+00:00

If you’ve run a road race, you have probably seen the streets littered with little paper or plastic cups. Imagine all of those cups on the trail–that would not be good for the environment or for any wildlife. Our goal is to leave the trails in the same shape as we found them.

One of the best ways to be environmentally responsible is to keep this race cupless. That means that each aid station will have plenty of water but you will need to carry your own hydration system. This might be handheld water bottles, fuel belt, or a vest. If you are unsure of what to use, here is one article to help you get started on your research.

Another reason you need to carry a hydration system is the distance between aid stations. Our access to the trail is limited and the distance between aid stations is longer in a trail race than a typical road race.