30K Course Description

Jackson Pavilion to Murrell Park Aid Station 4.8 Miles – Route marked in RED above.
Start at Jackson Pavilion and follow the road .5 mile to the trailhead.  Continue 4.3 miles to the Murrell Park Aid Station

Murrell Park Aid Station to Twin Coves Aid Station 5 miles – Route Marked in GREEN above.
From the Murrell Park Aid station, cross the road and continue 5 miles until the trail dead ends at Twin Coves Park Road.  This will be just after crossing a small bridge.  The Twin Coves Aid Station will be just on the other side of the road.

Twin Coves Aid Station to Murrell Park Aid Station 4.7 miles – Route marked in ORANGE above.
Head south from the Twin Coves Aid Station along Twin Coves Park Road.  Continue on the road a short distant beyond the trail you ran on outbound.  The inbound trail is just a short distance beyond this on your left.

Murrell Park Aid Station to Jackson Pavilion 4.8 miles – Route Marked in BLUE above.
Continue on the inbound trail from Murrell Park Aid Station 4.8 miles to Jackson Pavilion.